Welcome to the PROVIGIL Pregnancy Registry Web site.

The PROVIGIL Pregnancy Registry has been established to evaluate the safety of PROVIGIL use during pregnancy.To learn more about the PROVIGIL Pregnancy Registry, contact a Registry representative at 1-866-404-4106 (toll-free).

How to enroll?

  1. BY PHONE–Call the Pregnancy Registry at 1-866-404-4106
  2. ONLINE– “Click” on the Registration Request Button provide your contact information. Someone from the Pregnancy Registry will then contact you to confirm necessary information to complete the registration process.

If you are pregnant and have taken at least one PROVIGIL tablet within 6 weeks of becoming pregnant or at any time during your pregnancy, you may be eligible to participate in the Registry. To learn more about the Registry, including how to participate, please click the “Patients” button below.

If you are a healthcare professional treating a patient who is taking PROVIGIL and has become pregnant, you are encouraged to enroll the patient in the Registry. Please click the “Healthcare Professionals” button below for more information.